Luxury Vintage Emerald Green Teardrop Jewellery Set Stud Earrings Necklace S587 LPG8P

Luxury Vintage Emerald Green Teardrop Jewellery Set Stud Earrings Necklace S587 LPG8P
Luxury Vintage Emerald Green Teardrop Jewellery Set Stud Earrings Necklace S587
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In our modern era of legal recreational marijuana, choices for the consumer can seem infinite, and this can be confusing for the uninitiated. Most people are new to the concept of buying specific types of labelled, tested marijuana. The availability of mixed strains and hybrids and cross-hybrids and oils and waxes can make choices even more difficult. So many options!

Until recently, a bag of “pot” was good enough, and you were lucky to get that. No telling what kind it was, exactly. This is still the case in many parts of the United States. But not in Seattle!

Washington State residents have graduated to legal choices. A “bag of pot” is now packaged in a tamper-proof container, with lab test results printed on the label. Your average recreational shop offers dozens of cannabis products to choose from. Here are a few tips for those who feel overwhelmed by all these new options and need a bit of guidance before they shop.

STRAIN BASICS Indica = sleepy. Sativa = wakey. Hybrid = a blend of both effects. I always thought that ALL pot makes you hungry (“the munchies”) and expands your mind, but maybe that’s just me.

A sativa high is energetic. An indica high is euphoric. Want to hike for twenty miles while trading stocks on your iPhone? Try a sativa. Wanna fall asleep while watching the Mariner’s game? Indica. I like indica, some green tea, and then a short walk around the block before the first pitch. During the game I will multitask with electronic devices, family members, pets and snacks. No drug can make baseball not boring so eventually I will fall asleep. Whatever works.

DIFFERENT STRAINS FOR DIFFERENT BRAINS Some people want to slow down and some people want to speed up. Some people like combining indica with coffee for a “hippie speedball.” I will dare to say that for some people a mix of marijuana and cigarettes works real good to keep them inspired. Many people don’t like the effects of cannabis at all. It’s cool. Experiment and find out what works for you.

SET AND SETTING Where are you? Who are you with? If you are cleaning out a sewer beneath a chicken farm on a ninety degree day, marijuana might not improve your mood much. But if you’re on a sunny beach in Hawaii you just might be all like “HEY CHOOM GANG, YEAH!”

SLEEPY IN SEATTLE Pacific Northwest natives have less experience with sativas than with indicas. Historically, most of the locally produced bud has been the short, squat indoor indica. An easier to grow plant than sativa and a shorter grow season equals maximized profits for small time indoor bootleggers.

Those days are over. A new world of virtually unlimited legal options awaits.

THC AND CANANBIDIOL AND TERPENES? Some prefer a high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) product, and some like high cannabidiol (CBD), low THC stuff. Terpenes (like liminol, the compound that helps give lemons a citrusy smell) and other elements can influence the effects of the marijuana too. If you have trouble wrapping your brain around that here’s a thought – drinking gin will give you a distinct “buzz,” thanks to the juniper berries they use and the elements they contribute to the booze. Sure, it’s the alcohol that provides most of the effects, but the juniper nuances there are important too. Same goes for marijuana – there’s a lot more in there than just THC.

Keep experimenting. It’s fun! When you find a strain you like, stick with it.

RECREATIONAL DESTINATIONS Stoners love to make up words. To us, “recreate” means “to consume marijuana in a State where it is recreationally legal.” Try recreating with an indica strain and head to the Pike Place Market (known to locals as “The Market”) for people-watching and unlimited food treat options. The culture of the Market is almost indica-like – people there always seem unusually happy and sleepy. There is a party vibe there – and no wonder – the place closes down in the early evening and all the workers hit the bars shortly thereafter, seven days a week.

The Seattle Art Museum would be a great place to visit after indulging in a sativa strain. Expose your brain to art! Don’t miss Indigenous Beauty: Masterworks of American Indian Art, which runs through May 17, where you can check out “some of the most stunning works of American Indian art ever made.”

With the good weather comes the ability to explore Seattle’s parks and other pubic places. But remember: it is against the law to recreate in public. So consume in private, then get outdoors and enjoy yourself. Enjoy this freedom!

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Inclusiveness in illustration Designing an inclusive illustration brand

Quick scenario: You're on your phone, going through the onboarding flow for a new app you just downloaded. Helpful illustrations appear, guiding and educating you through the process. Now hold up: are the characters in these illustrations diverse or mainly white? Do they seem to be young tech-oriented millennials, mostly men?

I love that illustrations have become such a key part of the tech branding landscape. But here's an observation: tech illustrations often feature the same sets of things : young, white people (usually men), surrounded by gadgets, with a cup of coffee, in a beautiful tech world. For consumer-oriented products, this creates an incredibly limiting and exclusive brand image, unless you are solely targeting city-dwelling, coastal tech millennials.

One important way we can address this is by creating marketing and product imagery that is more representative and inclusive. When the design team asked me to develop their illustration brand and 60+ product illustrations, these values were a major focus of the project, especially as part of their mission to democratize publishing .

Building a character set

So, how can inclusion and representation be expressed through character design and illustration voice? When you begin with these principles as cornerstones of your brand, rather than tacking them on at the end, they manifest in the design process in straightforward and thoughtful ways.

Starting out, we wanted to approach the design of the characters to include different body types. Because our characters are stylized and not anatomically precise, I expressed this abstractly — from square, angular blocky figures to rounded, curvier ones. I built a range of complementary skin tones into the color palette as well, instead of relying on white as the default skin tone color.

To further include racial and cultural diversity, we explored a range of physical features — face shapes, hair style, expressions, etc. This may all seem purely symbolic, but Diógenes Brito hits the nail on the head about what this optically communicates in Sterling Silver Small Skull amp; Crossbone Earrings YnAbh
in Slack's "Add to Slack" button feature.

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28 June 2018 23:14 (UTC+04:00)

Italy has temporarily blocked the adoption of the documents of the EU summit, insisting on the coordination of migration issues as a priority, a source in one of the national delegations told reporters on Thursday, Sputnik reported.

"Italy said that it does not plan to sign the conclusions of the summit [final EU summit statement] until there is an agreement on migration issues," the source said.

Following the report, the European Council confirmed that the summit failed to agree on the final statement due to opposition by one of the members.

"The European Council this afternoon had an exchange of views with EP President Tajani and NATO Secretary-General as well as discussions on security and defence, jobs, growth and competitiveness, innovation and digital and other issues such as enlargement, MH-17 and MFF," the spokesperson of the President of the European Council said in a statement.

Earlier this day, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that his country was likely to veto the decision of the European Council as Rome wanted concrete measures on migration.

CHANGEABLE 925 Sterling Silver with Crystal White Women Charms Open Serpentine vApG0iGshA

Italy presented its plan, the European Multilevel Strategy for Migration, at an unofficial meeting held in Brussels this Sunday. The draft document called on the EU states to share the burden of accommodating refugees and migrants, instead of putting the onus on the countries through which new arrivals enter the territory of the European Union.

Rome suggested boosting cooperation with countries of origin and transit of migrants and setting up centers there to process asylum demands and provide legal aid.

Italy, which serves as an entry point for thousands of migrants and refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea, also proposed creating reception centers in several European countries at once.

The two-day European Council began earlier on Thursday and is set to focus on migration.

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These 67 rooms are the NEXT generation in Portland hospitality. Roxy in-room digital concierge, custom headboards created by local artist Beth Kerschen, eco-friendly bath products and flowing public spaces create the perfect blend of simplicity and modernist aesthetics.
These 67 rooms are the NEXT generation in Portland hospitality. Roxy in-room digital concierge, locally created headboards, eco-friendly bath products and flowing public spaces create the perfect blend of simplicity and modernist aesthetics.
Modern Rooms

EUMI Pendant Necklaces 925 Sterling Silver Necklace for Girls/Women Alleryfree zvvkW

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL. Use code STAYNEXT for 20% off Stays thru July 31


Use code STAYNEXT for 20% offStays thru July 31


Local Artist Beth Kerschen

Gallery @ the Jupiter is proud to present, local artist Beth Kerschen's collection Portland Retrospective! Beth Kerschen plays an integral role in the Jupiter Hotel's new expansion, Jupiter NEXT (opening June 8th). Each sleeping room features headboards displaying custom large format photo-montages by Kerschen.

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Tie the Knot

Every space at The Jupiter offers an opportunity to creatively curate the Portland wedding experience meant for you. Rich outdoor lushness to a modern industrial ballroom, a secret garden and an urban oasis - our spaces transform to be uniquely your own.

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Meetings of All Kinds

Whether you're building creative campaigns, tying the knot, or plotting world domination, we want to be your partner. The Jupiter features two stunning properties with their own unique meeting and event spaces.

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Live Music

Doug Fir Lounge

World-renowned music venue and restaurant right on property. Whether you're looking for your first bite or your last cocktail and everything in between.

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Portland is a city of neighborhoods and we think ours is the best - we're only a little biased. Lower East Burnside is rich with makers, doers, drinkers, culinary creators, clothiers, dancers and more. Sterling Silver satin finish flower Stud Earrings SIZE6mm Gift Boxed 5164 nIxB0Cdi
Portland is a city of neighborhoods and we think ours is the best - we're only a little biased. Lower East Burnside is rich with makers, doers, drinkers, culinary creators, clothiers, dancers and more. EXPLORE OUR MAP

Not only can you sleep with us... you can meet with us too! Jupiter NEXT has over 7,000 square feet ...

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Here's to your weekend looking as FIERCE as @daniemeka's head in our bed

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